Love Note #3: Treasure Hill

Dear Taipei,

We all have special memories about certain places in the city, and Treasure Hill is one of those spots in Taipei. As its name suggests, this magical place contains a memorable friendship that I build with a very dear friend, who has a special place in my life even until today. Whenever I revisit the pictures on that breezy Sunday afternoon in February, I am always reminded of the bonding between me and her.


I had long heard of this community formed by resident artists on the outskirt of Gongguang, just blocks away from the prominent National Taiwan University. Out of curiosity, I finally planned a visit and what’s better was I brought along Paola, who shares the same interest in culture and adventure. We managed to get there a little before dusk. As we made our way into the “village” through the winding path, we were quickly intrigued by all kinds of works of art displayed in different shops.



Apart from being surrounded by creativity, we also found Treasure Hill to be a perfect place for outdoor portraits. I began to snap away with my camera while Paola simply elaborated her photogenic instinct to the fullest. We made up a great combo of photographer and model, and the spontaneity between us, which has also become a signature of our friendship, made this trip ever more enjoyable. We blended ourselves into the creative surroundings, and leave all distractions behind. It was a moment of pure enjoyment of the place and its creative atmosphere. So pure, and so treasurable.


We arrived at a coffee shop not long after sunset, and got ourselves two cups of coffee. As we chatted away over the coffee, I suddenly realized how the trip to Treasure Hill was more than just a random visit on a Sunday afternoon, and what really made a difference was the company I had. To draw a perfect ending to this nearly flawless afternoon, I snapped a photo of Paola’s spontaneous smile, which perfectly summed up the essence of this trip.





Ever since that day, Treasure Hill officially becomes a symbol of my precious sisterhood with Paola, one that has helped me through countless tough moments in life. Even though we are now thousands of miles away from each other, the pictures from Treasure Hill will always act as reminders of our precious friendship. Until we see each other again, I will be thinking of you through this post and Treasure Hill.

William Yang



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