Love Note #5: It’s All About Love

Dear Taipei,

Monday, March 29th, will forever be remembered by many of your residents, including myself. We were shocked and saddened by the loss of a young life. No one could have imagined that such tragic incident would have taken place at one of the most unthinkable parts of the city, and at the busiest time of the day. What hurts many of us the most is trying to imagine the magnitude of heartache that the poor mother felt when she witnessed the brutal ending of Little Lightbulb’s life. It is a scene that she, or any living human being can never revisit.


Little Lightbulb’s mother, Claire, could have dwelled on the sorrow forever, but instead, she chooses to show many of us why the incident should be all about love. While media and the general public are blurring the focus of the whole incident, her short but strong speech brings us back to the root cause of her daughter’s death. Only through love and compassion, can we truly prevent similar tragedies from happening again. Any deviated discussion about capital punishment will be of no use to comfort Claire and her family’s broken souls.


Simply like how she expressed in her short message to the public, any form of hatred and blame can never truly solve the problem that caused Little Lightbulb’s life once and for all. As a parent, she simply hopes the love that Little Lightbulb experienced in her brief lifetime can accompany her to the afterlife. She reminds visitors to put down their negative feeling before they share the love with her daughter and her family. “If you love me and are willing to respect me, please leave your anger and hatred behind before entering the room,” said Claire.


In fact, her example shows us you are still a city full of all kinds of love. Parents’ love for kids, owners’ love for pets, boyfriends’ love for girlfriends, and even random strangers’ love for those who need it. Perhaps only during tough times like this, can we really be reminded of the importance of love and recognize the love around us. So may we, those of us who are still capable of loving, remember the love and compassion demonstrated by Claire and her family, and use our love to nurture a city where worries like this will forever be a thing of the past.

William Yang





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