Love Note #7: Ecole Cafe

Dear Taipei,

One of my favorite parts of living in this city is exploring its vibrant cafe scene. In my two-year time as a full-time resident here, I have been repetitively surprised by the amount of quality cafes that you possess. Perhaps it’s not an exaggeration to name you the “Capital of Quality Cafes” in the Chinese-speaking world. While the phenomenon may be caused by numerous factors, I simply think that it reflects Taipei residents’ demands for quality lives and their needs to nurture bonds between people in an urban environment.



It’s hard to pick a favorite out of all the cafes that I’ve visited, as each of them possesses its unique features and charm. However, Ecole Cafe is definitely one that draws me back time and time again. For someone who yearns for tranquility and quietness in a busy urban environment, Ecole Cafe offers the perfect combination that calms me down every time I walk in. Its warm lighting and cozy design create a naturally comfortable environment for customers to stay for hours. However, this isn’t the best part of it.


Owned by two furniture designers, it is not hard to notice the careful thoughts they put into designing this cafe. My favorite part of the whole cafe is the sunroom area at the back of the cafe. It not only offers great ambient light on sunny days, the seat by the French casement is ideal for reading, writing or simply pondering about life. Ecole also offers one of the healthiest selections of food and beverage in Taipei, with its egg and tomato sandwich set being my favorite choice.


Located at the heart of Daan District, Ecole Cafe is within walking distance from popular areas like Yong-Kang Street and Daan Park. The fact that it is neighboring one spacious elementary school only makes it more appealing to those who fancy spending a day at a coffee shop where they can enjoy good food, great view, and most of all, being by themselves. To me, Ecole is where I get to focus on things that truly matter to me and I hope anyone who has been searching for such place can benefit from it as well.

William Yang

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