Love Note #11: A City that Nurtures a Life-long Friendship

Dear Taipei,

The long, sultry summer finally seems to be winding down as the unbearable heat drops and the intolerable humidity subsides. All signs are reminding us that summer is coming to an end, and fall, widely considered the most comfortable time in Taiwan, is right around the corner. Normally, the arrival of fall would have gotten me all excited, but this year, it is taken over by nostalgia and a sense of loss. After parting ways with a number of friends who leave Taipei for good, I begin to realize how this city has helped to nurture several life-long friendships, and among all of them, my encounter with one girl is particularly intriguing.


It all started with me sneakily “researching” about this amazing young writer’s published works on the Internet, and immediately decided to acquaint her when I returned to my old job at Next Media Animation. We barely talked during my brief time there, but after our somehow “awkward” first dinner date at Mia Cucina in Tianmu, the friendship gradually heated up. Our similar interest in photography and abandoned buildings led us to the adventure to Losheng Sanatorium. Even though we both ended up being bitten severely by mosquitoes, that spontaneous trip somehow set the tone for our friendship.


We never failed to come up with places to meet or grab a bite, because technically, there were only two places in Taipei that we would go in the following 11 months. Apart from the top-class food and desserts served at both Miss Bubbles and Mys Kaffe, it just always feels right to have our dates at one of these places. We not only had numerous sessions of heart to heart talks, but also enjoyed some dorky discussion on some worldly matters. The one thing that never changes is the way that we compliment each other. She could always bring me back to reality when I began to weave some unrealistic dreams, and I can always calm her down when she thought that certain situation might go out of her control. The chemistry is surprisingly harmonious, because deep down I’ve always known that we are two very different people. But I guess that is what makes this friendship so precious and sustainable.


Even though she is now thousands of miles away from Taipei, our memories from the last 12 months never fail to bring a smile to my face. As much as I miss those power dates and her somehow “laid-back” way of talking, I know it’s only a matter of time until we relive those moments again. But before that happens, I will use this post to keep missing that dear friend who is now pursuing her dream in another wonderland.


William Yang





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