Love Note #20: Sunset in Taipei

For an urban dweller like me, nothing soothes a drained soul at the end of a long day more than a beautiful sunset view. It’s not only a big reward after often more than 8 hours of nonstop brainstorming, but also a chance for us to really stop for a moment to appreciate a city that glows in the setting sun. After spending a little more than 4 years here, I have finally built up a list of best locations to enjoy sunset in Taipei. Curious about which ones make the list? Let’s find out below!

1. Taipei 101 

Needless to say, as the tallest building in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei 101 offers a supreme view over the entire city at dusk. Even though you get to enjoy the city from all 4 directions, my favorite sunset view from Taipei 101 is watching the sun slowly setting over the Keelung River. When the sunlight sprinkles over the winding river, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the harmonious combination of gold and blue. On days when the sun looks more golden, the sunlight will spread over the neighboring districts too, creating a sense of tranquility.


2. Dajia Riverside Park 

I have shared my appreciation and love for this amazing riverside park in one of the previous love notes, but whenever I feel like finding a place to enjoy a beautiful sunset view, I will think of the park. The western part of the park, which can get an amazing view of the Grand Hotel, offers one of the most unbeatable views for sunset. What I usually do is grabbing a Ubike from ZhongShan Elementary School station, and ride towards the park as the sun starts to set.


Another advantage for approaching Dajia Riverside Park via this route is the chance to cut through one of the parks that was once part of the Floral Expo. After riding through the park, you’ll arrive at one of the entrances to the western stretch of Keelung River. I usually park the Ubike right by the riverbank and just watch the sun slowly dropping behind the Grand Hotel. The golden light that spreads all over the red architecture of the Grand Hotel paints a powerful and often breathtaking scene that you can never forget. To me, it immediately becomes one of the reasons why I think sunset in Taipei deserves more attention from most of us.


Do you have other secret locations that offer top-class sunset views? Share it with us!




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