Love Note #15: Daan Park

For urban dwellers these days, green spaces seem to become a luxury and blessing, because honestly, life in the urban jungle can be just as grayish and gloomy as the facade of the buildings around them. Metropolitans around the world have recognized people’s dying needs for leisure spaces and worked hard to reserve a sizable […]

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Love Note #12: The Taipei MRT

Public transportation may be a common service in many cities worldwide, but each system is distinct. There’s the sort’ve laughable, nolstagia-inducing one that screeches through Boston, Massachusetts, clanking stubbornly along and painfully in denial about its age because God forbid anyone tells it what it can’t do. And the one that squawks through the New […]

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Love Note #10: Taipei 101

Dear Taipei, Almost all major cities around the world have some architectural landmarks that make them standout and glamourous. Whether it’s the Empire State Building or Eiffel Tower, people look up to it for inspiration or simply list it as one of their lifelong dreams to stand at the top of these architectural wonders. As […]

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Love Note #9: Mys Kaffe

Dear Taipei, As much as I enjoy my life in this diverse city, summer has never been a pleasant time of the year to be around. The humidity, the heat and the scorching sun have all made it hard to survive the summer here. Luckily, the vibrant cafe scene offers some great places that make […]

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